About the Warrior Clans

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Agile and Determined

Clan Character: Private, thoughtful and unlikely to initiate hostility against other cats or Clans. When SkyClan lived in the forest, they were the most likely to seek a peaceful solution to interClan disputes, and consequently were often accused of cowardice by the other Clans.

Prey: Birds and squirrels. Songthrushes are a particular favorite.

Hunting Skills: SkyClan cats have a unique ability to jump high into the air, with strong hind legs and lean, lightweight bodies. This enables them to leap into trees that lack lower branches, and where birds and squirrels might otherwise feel safe. Once in the tree, they can climb swiftly and move confidently along the smallest branches.

Significant Clan Leaders: Skystar, Cloudstar, Leafstar

Secrets of the Clans

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